2012 – 2013 Season

About The Play

“Perhaps the highest praise that can be given to Steven Dietz’s praiseworthy new comedy is that it’s funny. Not ironic. Not hysterical in a slapsticky kind of way. Just gently and consistently funny—right up to the point that it’s touching, and then even a little bit after that. BECKY’S NEW CAR takes the audience on a smart, comic cruise through the perils of middle-aged longing and regret.” —Variety. “On a classic mistaken-identity premise, playwright Steven Dietz has constructed a warmly humorous and nimble romantic farce that doesn’t oversell itself, or ever sell its American Everywoman protagonist short. Dietz has created a comedy of modern manners…one that derives as much power from its humanity as its fine-tuned craftsmanship.” —Seattle Times. “The world premiere production of Steven Dietz’s warm and amiable new comedy is the perfect two-hour escape from the endless political campaign, stock market collapse, and other daily woes of modern life. You won’t see a comedy this good on television or in the neighborhood multi-plex.” —Talkin’ Broadway. “Playwright Steven Dietz’s new production is a laugh-out-loud amusement-park ride where the comedy spins out of control like a bumper car. BECKY’S NEW CAR is witty and droll, with delicious deadpan humor and U-turn plot twists. But it turns out there’s more under the hood of BECKY’S NEW CAR than just the comedy. The story has depth. It has themes like confronting the unexpected. It has conflict such as a woman being pulled in two directions. It has, like Yogi Berra once suggested, a person coming to a fork in the road and taking it.” —Everett Herald. “BECKY’S NEW CAR is that perfect blend of hilarious comedy and substantial weight, a story about choices and consequences that could believably happen to anyone.” —Broadway Hour.

DatesFebruary 20 - March 2, 2013
DirectorMatt Brown
  • Producer

    Sharie Lomas

  • Producer

    Joan Karstensen


Becky Foster Janet Anderson
Joe Foster Howard Joynt
Chris Foster Justin Kopy
Walter Flood John Lomas
Kenni Flood Emily Heayn
Steve Dave Sayer
Ginger Sybolla Franje


Stage Manager Carol Davidson
Assistant Stage Manager Sherry Moir
Back Stage Crew Trish Bennett, Debra Bob, Kasia Baltsersen
Set Design Mentor Eugene Leveque
Set Design Kristine Larsen, Cara Nunn
Head of Construction Gord Bannerman
Construction Crew Conway Clark, Bob Spearman, David Jones, Peter Wiebe, Eric Gibson, Dale Pothecary, John Ravensbergen, Ken Green
Set Decor Head Darlene Mussenden
Set Decor Sherry Moir, Ian Gurney, Sarah McLean, Rhonda Nicholas, Kristine Larsen, Cara Nunn
Lighting Design Jim Elderton
Lighting Crew Cathie Stewart, Bob Boyd, Mike Semple
Lighting Operator Luca Starone
Sound Design Travis Anderson
Sound Operator Linda Schopf
Sound Mentor Bob Oldfield
Properties Head Anne Mercer
Costumes Head Sharon Pratico
Make Up Coordinator Kristine Larson
Publicity & Marketing Barb Keith
Program Nancy Steele
Photography Matt Brown, Brandon Williams
Foyer Design Jennifer Morrison
Front of House Helene Clark
Bar Manager Ron Heuman
Preview Val Heuman
Opening/Final Night Val Heuman, Pip Jordan
Becky’s New Car Poster

Production Photos