Powerhouse Theatrical Society Members’
Code of Conduct

We are a volunteer, charitable and not-for-profit Society, whose purposes are detailed in its Constitution; they may be summarized as:

  • To operate an active community theatre company
  • To own, operate and maintain a theatre building and equipment
  • To raise funds for the above

Our members aspire to high standards in operational and artistic performance, acknowledging that we have varying levels of talent, skill and experience (and varying outside commitments). We expect to learn from each other by example, mentoring and practice. The rewards we seek are personal growth, and satisfaction.

The successful operation of all aspects of Powerhouse Theatre requires us to live up to our commitments and to accept varying levels of responsibility. For this reason, we voluntarily give to our elected Board, producers and team leaders the authority to make operational decisions and artistic judgments, and to insist on our compliance. In return, we expect that they will exercise that authority with discretion and mutual respect.

We do not tolerate bullying, physical or verbal intimidation, substance abuse, or disrespect for our building and equipment. Any instance of such behaviour should, ideally, be resolved between the members involved; failing which, it should be reported to a member of the Board, and dealt with fairly and swiftly.

Every successful theatrical performance is a source of justifiable pride; every member who participates and who goes away disappointed represents a failure on our part.