2003 – 2004 Season

About The Play

DatesMay 4 - May 15, 2004
DirectorDoug Edgar
  • Producer

    Willem Roell


Jan Sanderson Renee Leveille
Greg Sanderson Shawn Reed
Laura Sanderson Lori Hancock
George Willowby John Myhill


Set Design Willem Roell
Stage Manager Sheelagh Jones
Assistant Stage Manager Garth Walberg
Head of Set Construction Paul Van Hooydonk
Construction Crew Allan Charter-Smith, Bob Rinaldi, Bob Jackson
The “Contraption” Geoff Elliott
Head of Set Décor Val Heuman
Set Décor Crew Wendy Stevens, Carlayne Baxter, Darlene Mussenden, Sandy Edgar, Marisa Vest, Ron Heuman
Properties Darryle Eaton, Laura Forrest, Sherry Moir
Special Effects Andy Markson, Laura Forrest, Doug Edgar, Sheelagh Jones, Val Heuman
Costumes Wendy Festing
Makeup Paul Castle, Jean Given
Lighting Design Andy Markson
Lighting Operators Marisa Vest, Kyle Jones, Ginny Ewert
Sound Design Randy (Bones) Jones
Sound Operator Sam Makarenko
Publicity Bill Glover
Program Wendy Stevens
Poster Doug Huggins
Foyer Mo and Shelley Ruscheinsky, Laurie Bingham
Photography Dave Wallden, Mariel Belanger, Diane Coutts
Front of House Sue Johnson, Sandra Donner
Preview Sandy Edgar
Opening Night Ruth Astin, Helene and Conway Clark
Final Night Jean Elliott, Julie Armitage
I’ll Be Back Before Midnight Poster

Production Photos