2013 – 2014 Season

About The Play

Murder should not be this much fun!

Famed playwright Sidney Bruhl debuts the latest in a series of Broadway flops and returns to his Long Island home. To make Sidney’s slump all the more painful, Clifford Anderson, a student of one of Sidney’s writing seminars, has recently sent his mentor a copy of his first attempt at playwrighting for Sidney’s review and advice. The play, “Deathtrap,” is a five character, two act thriller so perfect in its construction that, as Sidney says, “A gifted director couldn’t even hurt it.” Using his penchant for plot, and out of his desperate desire to once again be the toast of Broadway, Sidney, along with his wife Myra, cook up an almost unthinkable scheme. Come follow the twists and turns of this modern mystery.

Deathtrap holds the record for the longest running comedy-thriller on Broadway.

DatesNovember 7 - November 16, 2013
DirectorJackson Mace
  • Producer

    Cara Nunn

  • Producer

    Sarah McLean


Sidney Bruhl Jackson Mace
Myra Bruhl Jennifer Goodsell
Clifford Anderson Robert Hillier
Helga Ten Dorp Sybolla Franje
Porter Milgrim Doug Fairweather


Set Design Eugene Levque
Costume Design Erika Belsheim
Stage Manager Debra Bob
Assistant Stage Manager Destiny MacWatters
Lighting Operator Cara Nunn
Costume Assistants Diana Horsley, Jen Gretzinger
Sound Operator Sara Nunn
Set Construction Head John Ravensbergen
Set Construction Crew Eugene Leveque, Bob Rinaldi, Cor Zandbergen, Chris Bayne
Set Decor Head Val Heuman
Set Decor Crew Rhonda Nicholas, Anne Mercer, Carol Jenkins, Diane Coutts, Sandy Edgar, Jonathan Specken, Jennifer Morrison
Graphic Design Robert Hillier
Properties Head Jean Given
Properties Crew Barb Keith, Brandon Lunzmann
Fight Choreographer Liza Judd
Backstage Crew Teresa Anderson, Kylie Stewart, Colin Carney, Maia Nunn, Zoe Zaharia
Special Effects Liza Judd
Hair Sandra Simao
Publicity and Poster Barb Keith
Preview Ann Cordingley
Foyer Design Jennifer Morrison, Barb Keith
House Manager Joan Karstensen
Photography Barry Goodsell
Program Insert for Deathtrap Jo Jones
Opening Night Co-ordinator Cathie Stewart
Final Night Co-ordinator Pip Jordan
Bar Manager Ron Heuman
Deathtrap Poster

Production Photos