1997 – 1998 Season

About The Play

DatesFebruary 1 - February 1, 1998
DirectorWayne Ashton
  • Producer

    Marjorie Beveridge

  • Producer

    Joan Sasges


Doris Chisholm Donna Brown
Edgar Chisholm Lindsay Grout
Vivien Bliss Renee Leveille
Bill Scant Christopher Marioni
(Appearing by permission of Canadian Actors’ Equity Association)
Peggy Scant Nicole Adams
Peter Prior Darren Wright
Betty Scant Cathryn Brown


Technical Producer Joan Sasges
Stage Manager Norm Jaques
ASM Natalia Usselman
Assistant to Director Jean Elliott
Set Jim Brown, Wayne Ashton, Sue McCormick
Set Décor Sue McCormick, Aleya Nichol, Violet Mobley, Patsy Brooks, Val Heuman, Leslie Phipps, Liza Judd, Norman Smith, Joan Sasges
Set Contruction Jim Brown, Ian Kelly, Glen Grant, Mark Usselman, Norm Jaques, Lighting Designers George Young, Jo-Ann Jaques
Lighting Operators Jo-Ann Jaques, George Young
Sound John Lomas
Properties Sharie Lomas, Lance Blair, Lisa Hollinshead, Lehanna Lomas, Laverne Hollinshead
Costumes Beth Markson, Sandi Naismith, Faye Naismith, Connie Kokonis, Rhian Lloyd
Hair/Makeup Lauri Bingham
Publicity Wendy Stevens
Program Cathy Despres
Foyer Display Patsy Brooks, Laurie Vasquez
Photographers Doug Jones, Dave Wallden
Poster Design Lee-Ann Zimmerman
House Manager Marjorie Beveridge
Preview Manager Rhonda Tilson
Bar Managers Jay Johnson, Nythala Baker
First Night Helene Clark
Final Night Nancy Siver

Production Photos