1972 – 1973 Season

About The Play

DatesNovember 1972 
DirectorPaddy Malcolm English
  • Producer

    Lorraine Allum


Greg David Abbott
Ginny Pam Harford
Philip Dennis Learey
Sheila Paddy English


Set Design Scotty Perry
Assistant Producer Wendy Stevens
Stage Manager Marcel Lowndes
ASM Kim Bolton
Lighting Marcel Lowndes
Sound Effects Cliff Faulkner
Properties Lorraine Galloway and Elaine Ward
Costumes Norma McPhail and Win Passmore
Publicity & Advertising Audrey Oxley and Margaret Wood
Box Office & Ticket Sales Diane Banks and Nancy Siver
House Ivy Carmichael
Program Rita Coe
Opening Night Rita Potter
Production Photography Leigh Perry
Make Up Joan Marwood
Hair Styles Ken Brown of Shalom Coiffures
Stage Crew Doug Ross and Roger Michel
Set Construction Members

Production Photos