1983 – 1984 Season

About The Play

Stop and Smell the Flowers was performed to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Powerhouse Theatre. Its author, Primrose Miller, is the sister of Powerhouse founder and life-member Paddy Malcolm English. A Gala was held prior to opening night.

DatesOctober 1983 
DirectorVoni Grindler
  • Producer

    Melissa Alden

  • Producer

    Eileen Richardson


Margaret Mary Huggins
January Dhugael Perry
Oak Ginny Jones Thomson
Robin Cathy Cobbe
Bay Steve Heal
Star Alan Arnold
Peter David Wendel
Collector Elizabeth McLean


Set Designer Doug Huggins
Stage Manager Chris Bayne
ASM Helene Clark
Lighting Design Doug Huggins
Lighting Technicians Fred Hulke, Vicki Ryan, Dave Brotsky
Sound John Johnson, Alan Charter Smith, Sharon McKay
Costumes Deborah Oldfield, Christine Tulloch, Doreen Fuhr, Lois McLaren
Properties Loretta Nixon, Kathy White, Wanda Champion, Shelley Abraham
Make Up Shelley Abraham
Set Construction Chris Bayne, Doug Huggins, John Mussenden, Harvey Regier, Mike Wyper, George Siver, Russ Paulsen, David Jones ,Penny Thorburn, Melissa Alden, Wendy Stevens, John Sherrington and members of Powerhouse
Rehearsal Prompter Debra Keane
Box Office Nancy Siver
House Wendy Tarcon
Publicity Christine Cardner
Program Wendy Stevens
Poster Corrinne Mytting
Photography Daryl Gaetz, Leigh Perry
Preview Colleen Herns, Debby Thompson
Foyer Gala Committee
Program Insert Ed McLean
Final Night Loree Brennan
 Bar Ken Richardson
Hair Joseph

Production Photos