2009 – 2010 Season

About The Play

The Actor’s Nightmare

is a short comic play by Christopher Durang. It involves an accountant named George Spelvin, who is mistaken for an actor’s understudy and forced to perform in a play for which he doesn’t know any of the lines.

by Christopher Durang
with permission of Dramatists Play Service, Inc. New York, N.Y

Directed by Bev Steeves


tells the story of two women drawn to Elvis’ mansion “Graceland” three days before it opens to the public… Strangers to start, friends in the end, Bev and Rootie find common ground in spite of their age differences and upbringing. Lots of laughs and maybe even a tear punctuate this short play. If you like Elvis, this is a must see.

by Ellen Byron
with permission of Dramatists Play Service, Inc. New York, N.Y.

Directed by Janet Walmsley

Why Do We Laugh?

is a play in which all eight characters – two people at four different times in their lives – are on stage at the same time, taking us on a brief walk through time and our memories. The play is about love (and hate) and the way people change each other.

by Stephen Gregg
special arrangement with the Dramatic Publishing Company of Woodstock, Illinois

Directed by Debra Bob

DatesOctober 7 - October 17, 2009
DirectorDebra Bob, Janet Walmsley, Bev Steeves
  • Producer

    Joyce Hodgson

  • Producer

    Ted Harrison


Why Do We Laugh

Leah Goldie Meredith 16
Howard Joynt Andrew 66
Kristen Morgan Meredith 6
Therese Parent Meredith 45
Jonathan Pretty Andrew 15
Joanne Taylor Meredith 66
Eli Vlahos Andrew 5
Cliff Vico Andrew 45


Katja Burnett Rootie
Dawn Tyndall Bev

The Actor’s Nightmare

Clive Goodrich George Spelvin
Mallory Stewart Meg
Kimberley Moga Sarah
Susan Johnson Ellen
John Lomas Henry
Himself Executioner


Producer Joyce Hodgson
Assistant Producer Mike Poirier
Production Manager Ted Harrison
Artistic Liaison Monty Hughes, Sarah McLean
Stage Manager: Why do we Laugh? Arlene Spearman
Stage Manager: Graceland Rachael Zubick
Stage Manager: The Actor’s Nightmare Peter Loster
Assistant Stage Manager (All Plays) Kristine Larsen
Set Designer Chris Bayne
Set Construction Head Bob Spearman
Set Crew Peter Wiebe, Eugene Leveque, Norm Jaques, Dave Silversides
Stage Hand Luke Cruickshank
Lighting Designer Stan Csapo
Lighting Operator Mitchell Morin
Sound Designer Dave McLean
Set Decor Liza Judd, Colin Judd
Properties Liza Judd, Colin Judd
Costumes Val Heuman, Marnie Cullum
Makeup / Hair Eileen Pelliccia, Suzanne Robert
Program Carol Marks
Photography Peter Lomas
House Manager Ann Cordingly
Foyer Lorraine Allum, Ruth Astin
Preview Debby Ready
Publicity Mike Poirier
Opening / Final Night Debbra Butler
Bar Manager Ron Heuman
Three Dimensions Poster

Production Photos