1 Appointment

The Artistic Committee* is appointed annually in May and will serve until May of the following year to plan workshops for the “current season” and productions for the “upcoming season”. (Current season is the season in which the committee is appointed – running from September of that same year until May of the following year. The Upcoming Season begins the following year in September

The members of this Committee require a strong theatre background, tact, artistic vision, organizational ability, leadership, perseverance and time. The Artistic Committee is appointed by and accountable to the Board. There is a real, though less direct accountability to the audience.

2 Membership

The Committee consists of four people, two of whom are appointed each year to provide continuity and direction. The term of the appointment is two years.

The Committee members will choose a Chairperson. The Board Liaison to the Committee will be notified when the Artistic Committee is meeting and will attend where possible the Artistic Committee meetings and report to the Board.  It is advisable that one of the Committee members act as a recording secretary.

3 Function

The primary function of the Artistic Committee is to uphold the focus of the Society and recommend to the Board a selection of productions for the upcoming Season (Bylaw 7.2.1) and workshops for the current season based on an established artistic vision.

4 Responsibilities and Duties

  1. To be aware of the artistic vision and technical strengths of the Powerhouse Theatrical Society (the Society) and at the same time to be aware of the talents and financial limitations of the Society.
  2. To meet those needs by selecting a programme that will present a challenge to members and which will attract and entertain a wide audience.
  3. To organize workshops, play readings, tutorials or whatever is needed to educate and stimulate the membership.
  4. To send away for scripts that the Committee thinks might be worth reading. (submit receipts to the Powerhouse Treasurer keeping within the proposed budget of $500/year).
  5. To solicit the membership suggestions for workshops and be responsive to feedback from Members and audiences via the PH Website Landing page, spotlight newsletter and suggestion boxes.
  6. To contact directors very early on within the membership regarding their availability and play preference.
  7. To have a qualified director, who is approved by the Board, committed for each production, and a qualified workshop leader for each workshop.
  8. As each production or workshop is promoted for recommendation to the Board, provide a script or concept for a workshop for the Board members to read and consider.
  9. To recommend to the Board a selection of plays for the season by February of each year with time for the Board to read them.
  10. To strive to complete a full slate of productions, their run slot in the season, and present this  to the Board for ratification in April in time for inclusion in the up-coming season’s program
  11. To establish, with the Board Liaison, a set of script selection criteria for each production
  12. To meet with the Board Liaison and VP Productions to review the job description as well as the focus and artistic vision of Powerhouse Theatre

5 Limitations

The Artistic Committee is not authorized to commit the Society to any proposed contract or unbudgeted expenditure.


  1. Production rights and royalties paid is the responsibility of the VP Productions
  2. Obtaining rehearsal scripts for each play is the responsibility of the VP Productions
  3. Clearing production dates, rehearsal times, audition times, and open reading dates with the Rental manager is the responsibility of the VP Productions.

*The Powerhouse Theatrical Society Bylaws refer to the Artistic Committee/Director.  At the April 18, 2016 meeting of the Board of the Society a decision was made to appoint an Artistic Committee.  Should the Board determine at some future date to appoint a Director this job description should be reviewed and revised at that time.


There is to be no disposal or sale of any asset of Powerhouse Theatrical Society, without the express permission of a department head or director. There are no exceptions to this policy. This includes but is not limited to props, sound equipment, lighting equipment, tools or costumes.